Rootscamp! This weekend. Go Go!

I apologize for not letting you know sooner –
This weekend something pretty cool is going down.

Over one weekend in Boston, RootsCamp will bring together a broad spectrum of organizers from across Massachusetts to discuss and collaborate, share lessons learned, and drive the conversation about best practices in progressive organizing.

Join fellow progressive organizers at RootsCamp Massachusetts next weekend, November 13-14. Take advantage of an opportunity to debrief and recap what went right and wrong in this year’s legislative battles and elections. Learn from the struggles of this election cycle and plan for long-term success. For more information and to register, visit


So basically the hardworking cool activists from across MA are going to converge in one place this weekend and we get to go meet and learn from them.

Awesome. I’m going. Are you going?
Here’s the facebook group for Brandeis people going to Rootscamp. Will you be there?