A Better Vision for Brandeis

I am disappointed in the vision statement the Presidential Search Committee put out for prospective presidents. The things they are looking for – excellent fundraising skills, focusing on academics, etc, – they all call for a technocrat. Don’t get me wrong, I think we do need someone with all those skills in office. But can’t our president also be a visionary? An inspirational, inspired figure? I don’t want Brandeis to steadily claw its way up the ranks to “best small research university in the country”, though that would be excellent. I want Brandeis to transcend these silly rankings and become the most rewarding, spiritually fulfilling, undergraduate experience out there. I want Brandeis to become a hub of social justice activism and scholarship. Brandeis should make a positive change on the world. Educating students slightly better than at rival schools – is that all we can strive for? Brandeis deserves better than such unworthy goals.