My name is Jesse. Vote for me!

Jesse is running for Racial Minority Senator. We’re giving Jesse and his opponent each an opportunity to earn your vote. Please give him your attention: -Sahar

Dear readers of Innermost Parts,

My name is Jesse Vasquez and I am running for Racial Minority Senator. You can vote for me this Thursday, April 22, 2010. When elected, I will strive to be an outspoken, forceful and passionate voice for not only Racial Minorities but for anyone who considers themselves a minority or underrepresented.

If you ask people who know me, they will agree that I am always the person who is not afraid to say what is on everyone’s mind. I am very outspoken and I am aware of the problems presented to minorities at Brandeis (and in general) of all the races as I am multi-racial (Puerto-Rican, British, Dutch and Indonesian) and have a multi-racial family with a Black brother, a Jewish brother and a British sister. I have lived in Washington Heights, a poor New York City neighborhood my whole life and I went to high school in Harlem. I am experienced with dealing with a great number of other races. I am also a POSSE Scholar, an Upward Bound Graduate and I former employee of the National Urban League. Though I will be a forceful voice for Racial Minorities on campus, I also want to represent all minorities and underrepresented
individuals and groups on campus. A main goal of mine is that I want each and every person who walk around Brandeis and see themselves as different to feel a part of the community. I want them all to feel a part of Brandeis and equal, while still being able to embrace their own identity.

As your Senator, I will be willing to listen to everyone; I do not wish to impose any of my own ideals, only the ideals of racial minorities and the underrepresented as a whole. Plus, I will not even wait for you to come to me, I will come to you. I will do this in part by hosting a weekly or semi-weekly open forum, held in a public place, where Racial Minorities and Underrepresented people can gather to hear from me about the state of the Student Union and where I can hear suggestions from you on how to make Brandeis a better place for you or others.

Recognizing more activist groups and encouraging and recruiting for social activism at Brandeis will be essential to my mission. After all, Brandeis is founded on and has a history of social change. I will try to work closely with activists on campus, such as the activists who write for the Brandeis activist blog

I believe in a Brandeis where Racial Minorities have a clear voice. I also believe in a Brandeis where no one feels like they are unrepresented. I do not believe in race, I consider it a social construct that is used to create differences between people and justify inequality. As a result, as Senator, I will consider myself a voice for not only Racial Minorities, but anyone who considers themselves a minority or underrepresented.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to make Brandeis a better place where everyone has a voice,

Jesse Vasquez

Vote for me this Thursday, April 22, 2010.