You have 10 hours

I apologize. I’ve known about this amazing opportunity for a while, but the stress of finals prevented me from letting you know about it until right now.

In 10 hours, the application deadline for the Young People For Fellowship. You should apply – I did last year, it was a wonderful experience.

Young People For (YP4) is a strategic long-term leadership development program that identifies, engages and empowers the newest generation of progressive leaders to create lasting change in their communities.Through out the fellowship fellows will gain valuable resources, financial assistance with their projects and meet other progressive young people from their region and around the United States

I could tell you more but I am being kicked off the computer. You get to go to an all-expenses paid convention and meet kickass people, get really thorough training, and for a year you get mentorship and money for your projects.

The application is really short -if they like you, then they do a more thorough interview process etc.

Apply now! You have until midnight! Trust me!