Take a Quiz, Feed a Child


The World Food Programme has a new quiz on the famine ravaging Ethiopia. Just by taking it, you are helping to end it.

How is that?

For every person who takes the quiz, or shares it with their friends on facbeook or twitter, a meal will be donated to one child in Ethiopia.

From WFP:

"WFP is the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. By taking our quiz, you've just joined hundreds of thousands of people across the globe who, like you, are committed to feeding the world's hungriest people!"

WFP has developed an innovative way to use social media and technology in order to raise awareness of international hunger crises, and generate charity. The Ethiopia quiz is just one quiz you can take. The WFP's other social justice donation games include Free Rice, a vocabulary game, and Food Force, a Facebook application strategy game.

Social media can be harnessed in powerful ways to create productive change or provide temporary relief.

Do you think these quizzes and games are effective?