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          Justice League

What we do:

  • Advocate for a Brandeis that lives up to its ideals
  • Brandeis was founded on an inspiring premise – we’re not just here to learn for our own selfish ends. Instead, as students, faculty, and staff, we have a shared commitment to learning how to better our communities and the world around us. Our fellows at the Justice League organize all students around our shared values – standing up for our rights, standing up for Social Justice, standing up for the Brandeis that inspires us.

  • Help students make change
  • We offer a variety of services to the Brandeis Community. We often bring superb mentors to campus to teach studetns the skill of organizing. We run the Brandeis Activist Calendar, maintain an activist alumni directory, run the biannual activist club fair, among other things.

    We hand out grants to innovative campaigns that don’t have the time to wait on F-Board. We’re affiliated with the Social Justice Social Policy program. Want to get involved in organizing or Social Justice issues on campus? We’re here to help, in any way we can.

  • Grow a progressive community on campus
  • There are so many kickass Brandeis students doing amazing things. Often, however, they don’t know each other. We envision a Brandeis where organizers, activists, and progressives of all stripes party together, meet each other, and trust each other.

  • Run Innermost Parts
  • Innermost Parts is the branch of the Justice League devoted to writing about social activism and news which affects members of the Brandeis community, be it world, national or campus-wide.

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