Take Your Professor to Lunch TWICE a year!

The Student Union sent out an e-mail last week announcing that Take Your Professor to Lunch, an opportunity which the Student Union organizes to facilitate better professor-student relationships, will now be occuring every semester instead of just in the spring.

This is great. Ideally you should be able to ask your professor to lunch whenever you want, and not have it be awkward, but the truth is, at least for me, it would be uncomfortable to randomly ask them out. So now there's an excuse, errr, I mean, reason! 

Isn't it weird how everything I'm writing makes it sound like a teacher-student risque rendezvous?

At first I thought it was just me, but then I re-read the Student Union e-mail:

This is a wonderful opportunity to talk to your professor on a personal, informal level.

Again, I think it's just me. Also, weirdly, if you dine at the Faculty Club (or anywhere), tip is NOT included in the voucher, even if your food costs less than the value of the voucher. Why?

Read details below:

The Student Union will provide $20 vouchers to have lunch with a professor anywhere on campus for two weeks from November 7-17. To participate, please fill out this survey: http://goo.gl/Wkxp1







2 responses to “Take Your Professor to Lunch TWICE a year!”

  1. I do not disagree with this blog post!!!

  2. Good call on the tip thing. I did not catch that.