The Best Speech John Kerry Ever Gave

Watching the Democratic National Convention with some DFA folks.

This is a night of kickass speeches.

-John Kerry wasn’t wearing a flag pin. Terrist!
-John Kerry calling McCain a flip-flopper.
-Big Dog Clnton talking about how all of America are all from the town called hope.
-Clinton tieing obama into his legacy. (There was a narrative back in the day that Bill was feeling an affinity between obama’s stroy and his own. They said he would be enthusiastically in the tank for obama ifhillary weren’t running. looks like we’re turning ful circle.)
-John Kerry referring to McCain’s “years on this earth”
-Katie Couric referring to ‘Vice president Biden” , and later ‘and here is joe biden” while nancy pelosi walked onstage.
.Biden: “I saw how Barack Obama touched people.” whoops.
And now the #1 best moment so far –
Brandeis Professor Peniel Joseph speaking on PBS. Lev and I were flipping out for a while after that.
Thought -Joe biden refers to the tyranny of foreign oil.. Doesnt he mean the grip of all oil.
New thoughts: biden is like the first persn tonight to really focus on national security, despite it being foreign policy night tonight.
double update: holy shit obama just frenched jill biden. (well not really but that was a full on frontal kiss there. whoops.)