The Gap now accepting…donations?

Bought some clothing you want to return but don’t have a receipt? Well, you may not be able to get your money back, but the Gap will give you a discount of 30% off your purchase when you bring in clothing to donate.

As the Gap announced in a press release on May 16th,

“Gap and Goodwill® have announced a partnership encouraging consumers to clean out their closets for a cause. From May 19-29, Gap stores in the United States and Canada will accept clothing donations in support of the Donate Movement, an effort powered by Goodwill to educate the public on the positive impacts donations can have on both people and the planet.”

Jim Gibbons, the president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International expanded on the good work his organization does, saying

“Through the Donate Movement, Goodwill aims to increase conscious donations by raising consumer awareness of the power their donated goods can have in strengthening their communities […] When you donate to Goodwill, you enable a person to receive vital skills training, succeed at work and climb the career leader. These are people who want to work but need Goodwill’s help to find and keep good jobs.”

I’m very impressed with the Gap for taking on this project. Although only one week remain for you to participate in this promotion, I encourage you to go through your closet, or more likely the 5-7 bags you brought home with you from college which you haven’t unpacked yet, and pick out some clothing to donate, even if you aren’t making any purchases. By creating more dropoff points for people to donate clothing, the Gap is allowing more people to lend a hand and contributing to the sustainability of our society.






4 responses to “The Gap now accepting…donations?”

  1. Nat

    Watch this, I’m curious as to your thoughts, given that what the Gap is doing is stunningly applicable to the video/talk.


  2. elly

    That’s a good idea, but nah, might theatren our autonomy. I’d prefer to commend stores on their good deeds than because they’re paying us to do so.

  3. Seth

    I hope innermost parts got some money for this advertisement