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It’s not an eye for an eye but a favor for a neighbor:
Those dumb ads have likely been set up by a nefarious Brandeis alum.

– Students don’t seem to be too excited about JBS’s

– The Union elections have been postponed due to software troubles. I’m cool with that – The old system was a huge waste of money and quite error-prone. Will the new system be open-source?

– Jaffe-sponsored committees continue to have only token student representation.

– University continues to embarrass itself by being a dick regarding the Rose.

– English major claims that huge new sign on Shapiro Campus Center is grammatically incorrect. Amusingly (intentionally?) so is the title of her op-ed. I used to write op-eds for the Hoots and they never let me choose the titles for my articles so keep that in mind. I actually like that sign – I don’t see why people are so opposed to it, though this might be a reason why.

– Mark Collins is tight-lipped about how he’s going to deal with overcrowding on campus.

The battle to control the Rose.


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  1. For the record, the author of “Brandeis Lacks Grammatical” did choose her own title, and it is meant to be intentionally amusing. We like it. The Hoot welcomes all op-ed writers to submit their own titles, and we do use them as often as possible, although space constraints sometimes prevent us from doing so.

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