The Surge is a Failure

In a recent op-ed in the Justice, disgraced former Student Union Secretary Mike Goldman endorsed Senator McCain, saying:

McCain represents the broad middle of the nation. Despite the skepticism of most, including this writer, the Iraq “surge” he committed to has put the United States on the course toward victory

Oh really? So the broad middle of the country wants 100 more years of Iraq war, and thirsts to attack Iran? Remember, McCain is a “critic” of the Bush Administration’s war policy. It’s not bloodthirsty enough.

McCain hugging Bush

As for “the surge”. As I remember, it was supposed to secure a temporary space for the Iraqi parliament to pass the legislation and make the political movement it needed. Well, that isn’t happening. And seeing as how the whole point of adding 30,000 troops to Iraq was to achieve those political goals, I have to declare the surge a failure. Especially since we’re destroying the army by overworking our troops to the brink of destruction.


5 thoughts on “The Surge is a Failure”

  1. while we’ve been unable to achieve the political stability and independence we need to give iraq, so that we may leave, the surge, sahar, has by no means been a failure.

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