Thoughts five days out from the election

Did you see the Obamamercial?
Notice the shout out to Unions? I like how Obama advances a tolerance agenda (see? Black/Hispanic/Mixed-Race people work hard and aren’t scary!) while simultaneously running for President.

I’ve been called by Obama volunteers 3 times in the last week. They all ask me to volunteer for Obama. Once, I got a call while I was in New Hampshire canvassing. That was fun. Before that I’d only gotten one call from them ever.

What are you doing on election day? Skip all your classes and go to New Hampshire to get out the vote with us. Contact Justin Backal-Balik for details.

What are you doing election night? Party at Chums! 9-12pm.

What are you doing the night before the election? DFA coffeehouse – we’ll be phonebanking there from 9-9:30 – it’ll be your last chance to call for Obama. 9-12 at chums, monday night.

All the election drama is now focused on the Senate.

This is a terrible time to be sick and bedridden..