Tonight: Westboro Baptist PARTY PLANNING

So much has happened in the last 24 hours. I am running around talking to different staff and students. This is going to be great.

I don’t have time to report right now. Come to the meeting tonight and all of us will report on what is going on, and we can plan the community response together. Already 83 people are attending on facebook.

10pm. Castle Commons. Tonight.
Facebook Event link:

See you there?

Official Event info:

OK so the Westboro Baptist “Church” is coming to Brandeis.

It’s gonna be awesome. We have all sorts of ideas of how to respond. So let’s meet and plan it out!

Can we respond to their hate with acts of love for our fellow Brandeisians?
Can we respond with outrageous things?

When: 10pm Sunday.
Where: Castle Commons for now – but we might change the meeting place.

Be there.


4 thoughts on “Tonight: Westboro Baptist PARTY PLANNING”

  1. We should organize a “Free Hugs” booth opposite them! Brandeis students will be supporting love and respect in the face of hatred.

  2. Can you guys make some “god hates slytherins” signs for the counter protest? That would be awesome.

  3. Hi Sahar,
    You might want to talk to Ethan Feuer. He works at Brandeis and when he was a student a few years ago he organized large scale events like the all-campus pillow fight.

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