Trick or Vote!

As my girlfriend might tell you, the best part of Halloween is definitely wearing costumes and Trick or Treating.

You know what would kick so much ass? Trick or Treating to save gay marriage.

It works like this:
A. Go to to hitch a ride (or drive yourself) to Maine.
B. Stand in wonder at the beautiful Maine foliage.
C. By day, work with the No on 1 campaign to organize people to vote against an amendment getting rid of same-sex marriage in Maine.
D. By night, rock out, pull on your bitchin costume, and Trick-or-Vote! It’s like a treating, but in addition to giving you candy, people vow to vote to save gay marriage.
E. High-Five! You just saved Gay Marriage.

Explanation of Trick-or-Voting:The thing about canvassing (going door-to-door and talking to people about politics) is that people don’t want to be bothered, really. Here’s the good part: what’s the one day in the year when people sit around at home waiting for people to knock on their doors? Halloween. Here’s where you come in: you knock, you yell “trick or vote!” and then ask them to vote NO on amendment 1 to save Gay Marriage. Plus: Candy!

For more ways to help Maine Equality go here.