United Auto Workers (UAW)

Here is a fantastic job offer from Sarah Bayer!

Many of you have no doubt been following coverage of the crisis in
Wisconsin. As Paul Adler wrote here recently, the labor movement is at
a critical point in its history. With workers under attack in
statehouses and corporate boardrooms across the country, the United
Auto Workers union is getting ready to launch new organizing
campaigns, and is looking for researchers to support these efforts.
We’ll be recruiting at Brandeis this Thursday, March 10, at the job
fair in Hassenfeld.

I became a researcher at the UAW last fall and can personally speak to
what a great opportunity this is. I work on a team with other
researchers as well as staff from other departments to gain a better
understanding of particular companies and the auto industry as a
whole. The work fits a number of backgrounds, whether you majored in
English (like me) or econ.

The official job description is below. Feel free to email me with any
questions: sarahbayer314@gmail.com.

I look forward to seeing you on campus on Thursday!

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union is seeking a full-time researcher
to work on national organizing campaigns within the Strategic Research
department in Detroit, Michigan.

Campaign researchers are part of a team that includes organizers,
communications specialists and political advocates. A researcher
contributes to the team by understanding companies and industries in
which they operate; helping to develop a public message that
encourages broad support for workers’ fight to organize a union; and
using legal, regulatory and legislative strategies to help build power
for working people.

Ideal applicants will have:
• Strong commitment to social and economic justice, especially
in labor issues
• Strong analytical, writing and communication skills
• Strong attention to detail and prior research experience in
academic, community, journalistic or political settings
• Good computer skills, including experience with databases and
• Proficiency in another language (a plus, but not required)
• Willingness to travel and work long and irregular hours

Competitive pay and benefits. Women and people of color are strongly
encouraged to apply.


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  1. I live in Michigan now, in the Detroit Metro area. Even my UAW retiree ngirhboes are beginning to talk like the realize the gravy train is over.They still whine about being *promised* all the health care they could forever for free (or something like that), but there isn’t much fire in their voices any more.Hell, some of them may have to sell their second boat or their third house (the second vacation home — the one in the woods, not the one on the lake).Now, if only we could get the teachers union (and I belong to an affiliate of the rotten SOBs) to admit that they don’t really need or deserve a health benefit that costs pretty much 30% more than any other health benefit in the state ($12,500 per year per union member, as opposed to less than $10,000/year for other unions and $8800/yr for state universities) maybe I’ll believe reality has set in.

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