Update: Our Mission in Olin-Sang

Why are we here?

Liza here, interviewing some random participants in the protest. Their exact words are below…

Nathan Robinson: “I am here because I am incredibly concerned about the possible implications of the budget cuts. With valuble faculty and resources potentially eliminated from our university, I want ot make sure that students have a say in the decision-making process, and that whatever we end up cutting, we stay true to our ideals as a university founded on social justice.

Guy Rossman: I really believe in the principles of democracy and participation, and that those that are affected by decisions should have a role in forming them.

Chia Jorento: Students should be aware of where their money is going, and we should be a part of the most important decisions that Brandeis makes.

Susan Paykin: I really care what hapens to the curriculum and overall University experience. I want to show my physical support, and that there are alot of studens who want to be more of a part of the dicussion.

Noah Braiterman: I want to show support to the faculty, and also to hear exactly what’s going on. As a student, I am a part of Brandeis’s future, but the finances behind it are as important as my presence here at all.

Supreetha Gubbala: As a senator, I feel I should support this. I even got out of class for this, and told my teacher, “sorry, this is more important than UWS.”

Rachel Sier: As a paying member of this institution, it is my right that I should be consulted with these decisions. However, I am not against the principle of having a faculty meeting about the budget issues. What I am against is the manner in which students who are actively invested in their education were treated. As a Brandeis community it is important that the entire community is consulted.

Cheryl Liebowitz: I decided to come see what was going on. Transparency is really important, and there should definitely be student say in something that is going to affect our future and the value of our education.