Vacancies in the Student Union

Our beloved Student Union Vice President, Adam T. Hughes, is resigning from his position as Student Union Vice President, effective some hours ago. He’s also leaving the Brandeis campus for the next semester, for personal and unexpected reasons.

Adam, we’ll miss you. I hope everything works out in the end.

Here’s the state of play of vacancies at the Union right now:
– Vice President is open. This is an elected E-Board Position.
– Director of Community Advocacy is open, though registration is technically closed. THis is an appointed e-board position.
– Senator for Ridgewood is open.
– Associate Justice of the Union Judiciary is open.
– Village Quad Senator is open.
– One seat for Senator for 2010 is open. This was Paul Balik’s seat. Paul resigned, I’m told, also for personal reasons. He did a great job as Senator – call him Senator Bikes (they’re coming, they promise!)

You register to run in any of these positions by signing up outside the union office by 5pm on January 26th.

However, in the race for Vice President, at least a few Senators are expected to run. When sitting members of the Senate run for another position, they have to resign their current posts. This will probably leave us with at least two open Senate seats in a special election right afterward.

These open seats will probably come from Alex Melman, Senator for Class of 2011, who has officially declared his candidacy, and Justin Sulsky, Senator at Large, who has all-but declared.


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