Vote Today: Midnight to midnight

Even if you don’t care about the school, don’t know the candidates, don’t give a damn, if you want to have an effect on the system, go online and vote.

Good Evening Brandeis,

Polls are now open!!!

Click here for the polls:

Quick Instructions
1. Click on the above link and enter your Brandeis email address (ie:

2. An email will be sent to you.

3. Click on the link and you can vote!

The final candidates newsletter can be found here:

Many of you will notice that the following positions have no official candidates running, please feel free to write in an appropriate candidate and we will most likely have a second election to fill these spots:
Mods Quad Senator
Charles River Quad Senator (includes 567)
Racial Minority Senator

A brief explanation of what you will see on the ballot:
1. Candidates listed, you may number the candidates in any preference you see fit
2. You can also write in a candidate
3. You can click skip poll, and your vote will not be recorded against any candidate. We advise that you do this if you are unfamiliar/indifferent with any of the candidates. You have the right not to vote (note: you cannot skip the last poll)
4. Abstain. Please know that Abstain means you are voting against all of the candidates. If Abstain receives the most votes, the position remains vacant. We advise that you only vote Abstain if you disagree with all of the candidates.

Please take a moment to vote, we would really appreciate hearing your input.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at







2 responses to “Vote Today: Midnight to midnight”

  1. elly

    And we at Innermostparts endorse Ben Beutel for Village Quad Senator (read

  2. Nipun Marwaha

    Write-in Nipun Marwaha for Racial Minority Senator