Wayne Saved; Brandeis’ loss is MIT’s gain

We at Innermost Parts would like to tender a huge congratulations to Professor Wayne Marshall.

The good Professor has been a valuable contribution to the Brandeis community, inspiring “countless students to branch out of their normal academic interests and into other areas of study. … his style of teaching has engaged students in ways most professors have never quite thought to have [sic] attempted.”

Regretfully, Brandeis University refused to “Save Wayne” and continue his employment at this august institution into the coming academic year. But all was not lost!

Innermost Parts is proud to commend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for having the good fortune to recognize Wayne’s talent, brilliance, and superlative teaching style. He will be missed.

Still, I know several Brandeis Students are planning on going to his weekly gigs DJing in Cambridge next year. If nothing else, Wayne has made his presence felt on campus for the short time he’s been here.