We hit 300. Can we hit 600?

In the three hours since I last posted and left for class, we’ve hit our 300 signature goal for 300 students saying YES to love of our muslim friends on campus. Now that we’ve broken out of the facebook ghetto*, faculty are getting interested in signing too.

This could get big. I am overjoyed by the positive response by the Brandeis community so far. Can we get 600 signatures by midnight tonight? I want to email the Boston Globe and say “Hey! There’s this mass outpouring of love and support going on here, why don’t you cover that?”

So – New Goal! Can we get 600 students, faculty, and staff to stand in solidarity with the Muslim community and say that vandalism does not reflect our values? Click here to sign if you haven’t yet.

*i.e. spread the word on places that aren’t facebook