Welcome Back!

Hey everyone. Welcome back to Brandeis. I hope you had an awesome summer. I know I did. But not so awesome that we forgot to write for Innermost Parts! I encourage you to browse our summer archives.
We have a lot of iniatives, announcements, etc to announce soon and I hope you’re pumped for a new semester.
But for now, I have one question: How was your summer? And don’t just say “good” or whatever. Tell everyone in style.
Did you do something to do with Social Justice this summer? Why don’t you tell us about it? Did you clothe the poor? Travel across the world to learn at the feet of tibetan monks? Maybe you had a special epiphany during the summer you’d like to share? Well, for the next few weeks, I’m pleased to announce that we here at Innermost Parts will be eagerly awaiting to read accounts of your (physical, emotional, personal, etc) journeys. Leave a comment to this post with your story or email us and we’ll post the best/most moving stories to the front page. I can’t wait to hear what kickass stuff you guys were up to.


One thought on “Welcome Back!”

  1. I spent the summer in China studying public health at a local traditional chinese medicine hospital. We had an excursion to the country side and during that time visited a tibetan orphanage run by a European Philanthropist and played with the children. We also went with a rural doctor and government officials on their annual trip to a small leper colony that required taking off-road jeeps for 40 minutes. Because they were given the vaccines decades ago, they still have to live in isolated quarantine and rarely see outside visitors.

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