What can blog do for you?

I’m in Washington, D.C. at the moment, at the fabulous YP4 National Summit, surrounded by well over a hundred brilliant, accomplished progressive youth leaders from across the country. It’s pretty humbling.

I’ve actually explained Brandeis’ situation to most of them. I said that due to financial worries, we have to restructure the university, and we figured we might as well go whole-hog and make other changes as well. The faculty have expressed an interest in integrating our Social Justice values into the curriculum, but no real concrete details have emerged.

I’m going to ask these passionate social justice students this: “What’s your vision for a Socially Just campus? Academically, with admissions, in terms of internal democracy, whatever,” and report back what I heard.

But hey! Do you back home have anything else you want me to ask? These are the sort of people who started nonprofits, who have accomplished much already on their campuses or in their communities, or done some other outstanding thing. The real cream of the crop. These are the sorts of people who have Social Justice on the brain. What would you like to ask them?