What do you think Brandeis should invest in?

This is a follow-up to the previous post. Read that first =).As students, we can apply pressure to the University to invest in socially responsible areas. We have pursued divestment from companies direclty or indirectly violating human rights (there was a divestment campaign out of Sudan a few years ago; I don’t know what happened to it) and such campaigns have proven successful in universities across the nation. But what kind of things should we invest in? Any ideas which prove socially responsible and fiscally rewarding? Is this something we should research and pursue? What are your ideas? Where do you want your money to go?


4 thoughts on “What do you think Brandeis should invest in?”

  1. I think Microloans are a no-brainer.
    High-growth, high-returns, low-ish risk, good for society.

    Remember, we have to choose places for Brandeis to invest it’s normal endowment in: AFAIK, they already have a dedicated fund for “socially responsible investing”

    I’d be happy if the University only invested in Unionized firms, and stayed away from corporations that are obviously evil, such as Blackwater, Raytheon/Bowing/Halliburton. Also it should stay away from companies that are less obviously evil: Diebold/News Corp/Telcos

    But why not only invest in unionized firms? I’m sure Brandeis wouldn’t take real hit in their finances, and it would be a socially responsible thing to do.

    Or only invest in companies with a policy of reducing their carbon emissions.

    Or invest in socially responsible mutual funds who’ll do it all for you

    The possibilities are great! With gobs of money comes great power comes great possibilities comes great responsibility.

  2. Alternative energy is the most obvious source to me. It promises to be a major growth industry in the upcoming decades, and if it isn’t, I think we as a species will have more important problems to deal with than university endowments.

  3. I totally agree with Loki’s suggestions of investing in microloans or renewable energy. And its absolutely strange that we can’t see what it is we are investing in- thats positively suspicious. Sounds like a case worthy of Detectives Black White and Brown- or I guess maybe just White and Brown, depending on how much Makensley cares..

  4. Since brandeis is an institution founded “on Jewish ideals”, it should definitely be investing in efforts to bring peace to Israel/Palestine.

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