What if ARC was a real place?

This is exciting. Remember when Etta King sent out an email telling everyone about her efforts to create a physical location for the Activist Resource Center?

Remember this?

I have proposed to Jason Gray (Student Union President) the establishment of a physical space tentatively called the Activist Resource Center to serve and support the activist community.

If you are interested in discussing this possibility, if you want to have a say in what a place such as the one proposed would look like or do, OR if you think this is an unecessary effort and would like to discuss why, you are invited to a meeting with Jason and I and anyone else who shows up to begin this process. I have been in countless conversations over the last few years about how to better support the activist community, and I think this is a very possible solution towards building better connections between our groups

It’s going down today.
7pm. Shapiro. Union Office.

(You’d have known this already, by the way, by seeing this event on the “Upcoming Events” widget located on the sidebar to the right of this post)