What to ask incoming Brandeis Hillel President?

Innermostparts has been fortunate enough to be granted an interview with incoming Brandeis Hillel President Jessica Goldberg ’13!

But, before we conduct the interview we’d like to know what’s on your mind!

You have until midnight tomorrow (Friday) night to comment on this post to submit questions or topics to cover. Questions will be chosen based on relevance and the number of people that suggest or second them.

If you want your questions to appear with your name attached, please specify. Otherwise, all questions will be posed anonymously.

Let your voice be heard!






3 responses to “What to ask incoming Brandeis Hillel President?”

  1. elly

    Thanks for your suggestions, you guys!
    Your questions were asked, and Jess’s answers will appear in a post sometime soon!

  2. Adena

    What do you think the role of the Hillel minyanim are?

  3. Leah

    Hi Jessica! I was wondering if we will be seeing efforts for a Hillel building- I think it is quite silly that Brandeis does not have a communal place for all denominations of Jews to interact on a day-to-day basis.