Who is that bespectacled man, anyway?

Innermost Parts is still on break. Since you were cool enough to check up on us even though school is out, we thought we’d return the favor by posting this “easter egg” before we really return from our one week hiatus\

Want to learn more about Professor Lessig?

There are three places that I’d encourage you to look and are the standard web articles people point to:

1. This feature in Wired Magazine. “Lawrence Lessig helped mount the case against Microsoft. He wrote the book on creative rights in the digital age. Now the cyberlaw star is about to tell the Supreme Court to smash apart the copyright machine.”
2. This feature in New York Magazine. It deals with his life today, but the main focus of the story -his experiences of sexual abuse as a child- really helps show what a decent man Prof. Lessig is. I cried after reading this.
3. Wikipedia. ’nuff said.

More recently, there exists a good interview in Ars Technica regarding his run for congress.

Perhaps most importantly, he’s released a 10-min movie in his deliberate, powerpoint style detailing the launching of what he calls the “Change Congress Movement” as well as his possible plans to run for Congress himself. The
“Change Congress” idea boils down to this:

The influence that money now has in Washington skews public policy in important areas. Good people working in a bad system. Change that system, change that ethic. It is the first problem that has to be solved. How? A bipartisan coalition of members of Congress who pledge to support three things:

1. No money from lobbyists or political action groups
2. Ban earmarks in the Congressional appropriations process
3. Public financing of campaigns