WikiLeaks Online Game

So, in the spirit of my series on games which encourage social justice, I decided to share another game I just discovered: it’s called You Shall Know the Truth.

Released way back in February, You Shall Know the Truth is the third game in the Wikileaks Stories series, the first two being Leaky World and Wikileakers. All three are political commentary inspired by the controversial site WikiLeaks. (For a basic summary of WikiLeaks’ history, check out its Wikipedia page).

You Shall Know the Truth is better than the previous two because it acutally shows you classified information that WikiLeaks has released, rather than simply simulating the experience of leaking data in the form of action/adventure games.

A combination point and click and hidden object game, you are a government agent and have a limited amount of time to look through a suspected “terrorist’s,” or WikiLeaker’s, apartment. Each piece of data you click on can either give you useful information or be entirely irrelevant. Also featured are clips of Obama and other politicians speaking.

I don’t want to spoil the game for you, but perhaps the most interesting part is the ending. Demonstrating that the game cares just as much about making a statement as it does about entertaining, if you click certain options at the end, your browser will not let you reload the game again, rendering you incapable of playing again and choosing different choices.