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So Wisconsin.

Can’t keep my mind off it. Can’t stop thinking about it. The story goes something like this: New Republican Governor in office calls a special session of the R-dominated legislature to pass huge tax cuts to corporations like Wal-Mart. Then he raises a scare about the lack of tax revenue in the state, so he decides to cut pay for state workers and outlaw their unions entirely. When the minority part in the legislature decides to flee the state in a filibuster-like move to deny him a quorum, he calls in the State Police to arrest them and force them to be physically present at the state capital.

Queue the massive protests. Now he’s threatening to call in the National Guard to clear out the protests.

It’s like we’re back in the 19th century. Plutocrat Governor wants to crush unions and benefit his fellow plutocrats. Threatens to use the military to sweep away the opposition.

Here’s a video I’ve been watching over and over again. Can’t stop crying.

Innermost Parts Alum Rivka Maizlish is on the scene: She’s pursuing a PhD in the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I’m going to try and get a hold of her and see what’s up.


4 thoughts on “Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin”

  1. Wisconsin Democrats are shutting down the government to protect the collective bargaining rights of unions. It’s basically an abuse of parliamentary procedure, much like the filibuster.

    Too bad the Democrats don’t have the votes to support what’s right and instead have to resort to procedure. I don’t think a majority justifies what Walker’s attempting to do in the slightest. I’m proud of the Democrats for not conceding, considering they’ve been doing that for the entire Obama administration on the national level.

  2. Sorry, still a little confused. Forgetting the fact that filibusters are equally stupid, arent they at least part of Congressional procedure? Correct me if im wrong, but im guessing state govs dont have similar rules allowing this type of behavior?

    Similarly, im not sure why this shows “courage, guts, and true commitment.” Again, its a democracy- that means that the majority of people decided that they wanted certain individuals to represent them. Correct me (again) if im wrong, but logic would therefore dictate that most people in Wisconsin wanted the governor there in the first place. Are you actually going to encourage other politicians to reject what people want and simply flee? (Just a thought: think of how you would handle the situation if Republicans fled a state to delay a Dem vote. BTW, I can’t seem to find any examples of this- the last time this kind of thing happened, it was in 2003…also Dems.)

    And you bring up my last point- if leaving the state is going to allow one party to pass whatever they want without opposition, practically speaking, is it really a good idea for elected officials to let their constituents down by not being around to do their jobs?

    The whole thing seems silly, irresponsible, and counterproductive. I expect this from the Tea Party, not from the Dems.

  3. It’s functionally a filibuster. Also, the danger is that it only works for budgetary matters – so the Republicans can pass any non-budget bill they like now. For example they’re going to pass extremely harsh voter-id laws, since no one will be around to vote against them.

    It’s also a sign of more aggressive approach to all this. Instead of voting no and theatrically sighing about it, they’re willing to use all the rules in the rulebook to try and delay or defeat this bill. Shows courage, guts, and true commitment.

  4. Can someone explain why people are applauding the Democrats’ “escape” from Wisconsin to avoid a vote? They are in the minority, yes, but thats the way the people of Wisconsin voted- since when can a part of a government suddenly decide that they don’t agree with that process and flee, thereby effectively shutting down most legislative business?

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