Write for Us

As we ring in the new year, I’d like to thank everyone for sticking with us and reading Innermost Parts – even during break!


So thanks for reading, I appreciate it.


As we enter the new semester, I want Innermost Parts to take the next step in journalistic evolution. We’re going to professionalize, have weekly meetings, hopefully become chartered, etc.


To that end, we need more writers. Passionate writers. The fact that you’re reading Innermost Parts right now is a pretty good indicator that you have the right drive and interests. The fact that you’re in college means you have the writing skills.

Work for us. Join us!

Innermost Parts brings on a new coterie of writers each semester. Right now we’re taking applications for Spring 2009. Writing fellows are given great freedom and flexibility, but also take on a fair share of responsibility. To a great extent, we’re all equal – veterans and people on their day as well.

In our founding documents, we set out to fill “a vacuum at Brandeis, a need for an unfettered and free-flowing discussion of the forces, both on campus and around the world, which affect us as students.” We wanted Brandeis to be a “space for intellectual honesty, a place for honest communications, a model of democratic government, a center of freedom of expression.

Innermost Parts aims to be a center for progressive discussion based in Brandeis University. Our goal is to promote the progressive movement on campus, and spread the principles -and actualization- of social justice.

If you think we’ve got a good thing going, come join us! If you think we’re not living up to our potential, help us reach it.

Please email the Innermost Parts team at

Email us!
Email us!