So I’m trying to set up my xbox as an ftp server, but it turns out that I have the wrong kind (too new). If anyone has an (original) xbox that they want to trade with me, I’d be very grateful.

There’s nothing wrong with mine, (it’s probably newer and better than yours!) just that its much harder to install webserver software on the newer ones.

Or if anyone wants to donate an old used computer, that’d work too. 😉
Is there a way to get/buy old crappy computers from the school?

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2 thoughts on “xbox”

  1. There are old computers outside the Hardware Repair Shop in Feldberg that are free for the taking. There’s no guarantee of them working, though – you might need to build a working computer out of the parts of two broken ones…

  2. Use SFTP rather than FTP. FTP is horribly insecure: anyone can see what you’re transferring. SFTP is encrypted the whole way through.

    Also, I believe LTS sells old desktops for about $200 a pop, but I don’t know the details on that. $200 is really cheap for a computer, but might still be able your price limit.

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