Young people can do some amazing things.

Like be superdelegates at the Democratic National Convention. Imagine getting personal phone calls from Bill Clinton and John Kerry urging to endorse their candidate. At age 21.

Or totally school cynical newsmen.


That’s why you should try to be a delegate to the Massachusetts Democratic State Convention or even the Democratic National Convention.


2 thoughts on “Young people can do some amazing things.”

  1. I’m not endorsing the argument: It’s not the one I would make. I’m endorsing the grasp of politics that the guy has and how he schools the reporter. He could be supporting Clinton for all I care.

  2. Wait. Let me get this straight. The key difference between Obama and Clinton – and the one that swayed this guy – is that Obama can make people in Congress approach the issues “from a different perspective”? In other words, just by Obama being Obama, partisan Republicans and partisan Democrats will forget their partisan roots and loyalties, and come together in a harmonious display of bipartisanship. Thus, “change” will be achieved. Sounds like the typical intellectual lightweight Obama argument to me.

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