Your Congressman would like a word

This is Ed Markey. Ed Markey represents Brandeis to Congress. Ed Markey also represents the American people. He’d like a word:

Net Neutrality. It sounds complicated. It sounds important.  Lucky for you, it’s the latter. Unlucky for you, it doesn’t exist in America anymore at this time.

Net Neutrality means freedom of speech on the internet. It means that Verizon has to treat your bits of data with the same care and resources as it treats Microsofts. It means that TimeWarner can’t block the websites of it’s competitors (like Newsweek, Skype, etc).

Except Net Neutrality doesn’t exist anymore. The democratic ideal that the internet was founded on is being crushed by the greed of Comcast, AT&T, and their ilk. To learn more about Net Neutrality, you can read my earlier work on the subject, or go to

Suffice to say: Net Neutrality is the thing that keeps the internet fun and not controlled by any company or government. It’s gone, and there’s a big push to bring it back.

I’m proud that my Congressman is leading the charge.

Still confused by Net Neutrality? Public Knowledge can help:







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