Your event calendar for the week

Trying to fill your event calendar for the week? Well, besides the totally amazing bands that will be at Chums, there are two off-campus events you might be interested in:

First, a peace conference. Professor Gordie will give you rides!

There will be a conference–Sun, Earth, Water: War or Community Solutions-this coming Saturday at the Peace Abbey ( in Sherborn. The workshops (see attachment) look exceptionally vital and important. I urge any of us who can attend to do so. I could pick people up from Brandeis at 9:30 and drive them to and from the Abbey, although I may have to leave a bit before the day’s events end.     The conference is sponsored and organized by the New England Peace Studies Association, of which Brandeis is a member.

Next. “Calling All Hipsters! Fashionisters! Lovers of Boiled Leaves! Sugar! Spots of Cream! Corsets! Petticoats! The 19th Century! Anti-Politics! A-Politics! April 14th. 10am. Boston Commons. Eat Sarah Palin.” — Guy Rossman

We all know that Sarah Palin will be bringing her big hair, tortured syntax, scrawl-covered hands, and legion of racist militia members to Boston this month for a “Tea Party,” but what, if anything are we going to do about it? The members of b0st0n.livejournal have cooked something up: Throw a real tea party!The Real Boston Tea Party already has a Facebook page and a manifesto. Its participants are going to cosplay an actual 19th century tea party on the Boston Common while Palin and her teabaggers scream and yell about Obama’s African American stormtroopers who are forcing their children with cancer to enroll in health insurance for the first time.

And this Wednesday and Thursday night of course it’s “chill with kickass Brandeis Activist Alumni” night






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  1. art

    Haha! That’s pretty funny. I am not a huge fan of the tea party, despite my conservative leanings. They are not the “party”, but they are given too much attention because they attract newcomers, and give us an Obama-esque momentum