Brandeis is pretty great but also a bit too serious sometimes, and also bureaucratic. I’ve gone to colleges with brown sheet paper pasted to the bathroom stalls, so that students were encouraged to write. Instead of the lewd crudity you see here, they had poetry, discussions, stories. We need that sort of activist spirit at Brandeis.

We need to do more things like this:

I put on a “Zombie Week” program in my Washington State University dorm last spring, which was an RPG/game of tag/social experiment, and won residence hall program of the year.

Infected had to wear a red wristband inside the dorm. One person started as an infected. Dorm rooms were safe. A tag from any infected, and you were infected too. Weapon and item cards, (a few provided in the mail, and others cached around the building) could be used to defend against zombies.

Basically, weapons and items were RPG-style cards that had to be handed to attacking zombies. We had a pretty large selection with some interesting combinations and effects. Pipe wrenches, decoys, propane tanks, etc.

Everyone was “required” to play, and even though there were a few people who just became infected and didn’t give a shit, there were hundreds of others sprinting up and down the halls at all hours. It seriously sounded like a fucking zombie apocalypse. Three in the morning you’d hear crashing and screaming, and then silence.

Motivation to survive was a Visa cash card for $50 and other prizes such as Left 4 Dead copies and “The Zombie Survival Guide”. The finale of the event involved fighting your way to the rec room Friday evening for prizes, pizza, and a zombie movie. I swear half the dorm showed up.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun, and I’d be happy to post the ruleset and items if anyone is interested in replicating this (or just taking a look).

CAs take notice!

If you were wondering, our hall government committee was called Coffee Hour and our job was to host foreign movies with coffee and intellectual discussions. We deemed that super lame and instead spent our whole budget line item on Zombie Week.

This is awesome. This is what college should be. Let this be an example of the lifestyle we could be living in


2 thoughts on “Zombies!”

  1. I think this idea is cool, but why must you put down a Coffee Hour with foreign movies and intellectual discussions in the process?
    Both are good ideas, and would obviously attract diverse crowds. I think the latter part of this post contradicts your opening, about writing poetry on brown paper bags inside stalls.
    Don’t discriminate against people who like a more quiet, toned-down evening of stimulating conversation and movies!

  2. They did this at my old school (I’m a transfer) and it was AMAZING! People went into serious stealth mode, which was hilarious to watch as someone who was not participating. I recommend not making it required, but you should seriously go for it!

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