A Closing Case for Sahar Massachi

We as a student body this year are lucky to have four strong and competent candidates running to fill the Student Union Presidency, probably the most important student position in terms of ability to create change on campus by working with the administration.  JV Souffrant has done great work in raising huge amounts of money to help devastated families in Haiti.  Matt Kriegsman has proven himself as the leader of Chabad at Brandeis.  Daniel Acheampong has taken on probably the most thankless task in the student government, serving as Union Treasurer.  Any of them could do a good job as Union President.

However, I’ve known that I’m supporting Sahar Massachi for the position since the very beginning of the election.  The reason why is simple: Sahar is one of the most transformative people I’ve ever had the privilege to know.  It’s the same reason why I’ve written for him for three years on Innermost Parts, the same reason why I’ve worked with him on a number of successful campus projects, and the same reason why he’s been one of my best friends since I entered Brandeis University.  Time and time again, I’ve seen how Sahar can create positive change for the good of the campus community through his tireless work ethic and strong leadership.  He’s thoroughly changed the way I think about college activism, and I know he can change the way we think of the Student Union.

Sahar’s extensive resume tells a story of a student active in all walks of campus life, and his accomplishments are very impressive.  However, what’s even more impressive to me is that without him, no project he’s ever worked on could have even gotten off the ground.  He doesn’t just fill established roles effectively, he fights with everything he’s got to create new roles for improving student life.  When nobody was talking about the MSA lounge vandalization, Sahar did something about it.  When students felt powerless in the face of massive budget cuts, Sahar organized a unified and effective student response.  Without Sahar, Brandeis as a whole would be a little different and a little worse off, and I’d be hard pressed to name anyone else I could honestly say that about.

Regardless of who wins today’s election, two things are certain.  First, the Student Union will have a qualified leader set to take the reigns.  Second, Sahar will be working to improve student life and the activist cause at Brandeis.  It’s part of who he is, and win or lose, he’ll still be doing what he thinks is right.  But we have a chance to put our most powerful position in the hands of a transformative leader, and I firmly believe that we should take this rare opportunity.  That is why I’m asking you to join me in voting for Sahar Massachi for President of the Student Union.


3 thoughts on “A Closing Case for Sahar Massachi”

  1. I’m afraid that the influx of Sahar for President pieces may have done more harm than good. People who read IP are split amongst those with similar ideologies and almost polar opposite. To those who do not entirely align themselves with these marginal leftist sentiments, the influx on pro-Sahar posts seem like unbridled campaigning and borderline abuse of an outside news source. This is, of course, not the case but the impression that it gives to those outside of this political mindset is a deterrent.

    Also, I get why everyone here wrote pieces in support of Sahar through their own personal beliefs, but this is unprecedented at IP, which typically does not write an endorsement piece for candidates, much less so many.

    Still, readers – myself included – need to separate the fact that each of the endorsements here are on behalf of the authors and are posted on IP because these authors see IP as their outlet. It’s not so much a conspiracy of IP to inundate the main page with pro-Sahar messages, but more like little thought bubbles from the authors whom we have become accustomed to turning to for political opinions, analysis, and general facts.

    Still, it was an impressive group of candidates this year with well-run, serious campaigns. For once, I’m finally impressed. Haha.

  2. I am aware none of the pro-sahar articles are written by the man himself. but don’t you find it disgusting that this blog, founded on principles of uncovering the administration/SU’s dirty secrets, has simply become at this point an op-ed for its founder’s campaign?

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