Elections Results Are Here!!!

Unfortunately Sahar didn’t win, but this election featured incredible turnout, including over 50% of the campus population in the presidential race.  Congratulations to all the winners!  Numbers will be posted as soon as I can figure out how to attach them.

Dear candidates,
The full results are attached to this e-mail.
The winners are:

President: Daniel Acheampong
Vice President: Shirel Guez
Treasurer: Akash Vadalia
Secretary: Herbie Rosen
UCC: unfilled
Board of Trustees: Supreetha Gubbala
Alumni Association: Savannah Pearlman
F-Board: Sidak Pannu, Jessica Preis, Makensley Lordeus, and ONE EMPTY
Racial Minority F-Board Member: Empty


The constitution specifies that if abstain wins an election, the spot remains vacant until the next election. The empty spots will be filled at the next election (round 2) next Thursday. If anyone is interested in these positions, sign up outside of the union office, starting tomorrow, and make sure to attend the mandatory meeting Sunday, at nine pm.

Thank You,
Diana Aronin
Not the secretary, anymore. Who else is excited about this?

Update: Just to clarify, the interjection at the end is Diana’s own words, not mine. I think she’s a perfectly fine Union secretary.


9 thoughts on “Elections Results Are Here!!!”

  1. Damn, I lost Representative For Historically Underrepresented Racial Minority Finance Board Member (which I prefer to shorted to RFHURMFBM to make it a little easier on the tongue). I couldn’t even vote for myself.

  2. …this of course comes with learning the exact number of votes for each candidate who ran; I think a lot of us would like to see that, too!

  3. WILL THEY PUBLISH THE WRITE-IN CANDIDATES?!?!?!? im serious, someone PLEASE get them to do this!!!! last year they initially didnt and then someone here (from IP) made them! do that again! people always have very funny write-in options, which cheer me up after disappointing election results!

    PLEASE! get that list and put it on here, like it always is!

  4. Nevermind my question. I read the Justice. Still in disbelief, but it’s now switching to “pleasantly surprised.”

  5. Are you sure that the presidential vote had over a 50% turn-out? Considering it rarely ever cracks 30%, that seems really high… but if it’s true, I’ll be sitting here in enthusiastic disbelief.

  6. “Not the secretary, anymore. Who else is excited about this?”

    Daaaaaaammmmmnnnnn that was cold, but I’m on the same wavelength

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