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Over the last year or so, I’ve been getting this amazing email newsletter from the International Center for Ethics, Justice & Public Life (notice how everything at Brandeis is some sort of center or another? Seriously. Even Volen is the “Volen National Center for Complex Systems”).

Anyways, it kicks ass. As does the Ethics Center website.

Point is, the listserv rocks. But it’s a bitch to be added to. Here’s how you do it:

Send your name, email, and mailing address to

Sample email from the listerv under the fold…

Here’s what the most recent mailing from the ethics center looked like:

This Week at the Ethics Center

-Judaism through Chinese Eyes: Professor Fu Youde, Director of the Center for Judaic Studies, Shandong University, China

Save the Date
-Summer Internship Funding Sessions
-Ethics Center Student Fellowship (ECSF)

Of Related Interest
-PAX 92a: On-Campus Internship in the Arts, Community, and Social Transformation

For more information on these and other events visit www.brandeis.edu/ethics
Judaism through Chinese Eyes

Thursday, September 4
Time: 5:30pm
Location: Rapaporte Treasure Hall

Come hear a talk by Fu Youde, director of the Center for Judaic Studies at Shandong University and China’s leading authority on Maimonides. Free and open to the public; refreshments served.

Sponsored by NEJS. For more information, contact Anne Lawrence at alawrence@

For more information on this and other events, visit http://www.brandeis.edu/ethics/events/

Save the Date
Summer Internship Funding Sessions

Tuesday, September 16
Time: 5-6pm
Location: Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex Atrium, across from the Heller School

Thursday, September 25
Time: 4-5pm
Location: Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex Atrium, across from the Heller School

Given the opportunity, how would you change the world? Here’s your opportunity to work for coexistence, peace, social justice, gender rights…the list goes on. Come learn about the following internship funding opportunities for summer 2009:

Ethics Center Student Fellowship (ECSF)
Eli Segal Citizen Leadership Fellowship
Louis D. Brandeis Social Justice Stipends
Hiatt Career Center World of Work Fellowships
Rapaporte Foundation Internship Grants

All are welcome! For more information, visit http://www.brandeis.edu/ethics/events/

We give you $4000 — You Change the World: Ethics Center Student Fellowships (ECSF)

Conserve the rainforest. Help fight AIDS. Spread literacy. Teach art to orphans. Given the chance, how would you change the world? Sophomores and juniors can apply to be an Ethics Center Student Fellow and spend next summer working on issues that matter to you in the international organization of your choice. Application materials are available at http://www.brandeis.edu/ethics/atbrandeis/ecsf/apply.html

Preliminary Project Proposal due (optional)
Monday, October 6
Time: by midnight

Application Deadline
Monday, November 3
Time: by 5pm

Of Related Interest

Interested in an internship in the arts and community?
Have an internship and earn 4 credits this fall!

PAX 92a is now enrolling Sophomores-Seniors:

PAX 92a On-Campus Internship in the Arts, Community, and Social Transformation (TBA)
During this internship, you will work directly with members of the Brandeis faculty, staff and administration. You will take the lead in:
? planning programs and events
? designing and implementing strategies for outreach and audience development
? documenting and assessing programs
? creating Internet resources that synthesize learning

Each intern will contribute to three dynamic Brandeis programs: the Intercultural Residency Series, the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, and a virtual resource center called Creative Resources for Coexistence and Reconciliation. At the beginning of the semester, we’ll develop individual work plans, balancing your own interests and talents with the needs of these programs. We will meet as a group six times during the semester, but mostly you will be working — sometimes independently, sometimes in teams, and sometimes as members of committees, all around the campus and beyond. You will write six short (1 – 2 pages) papers in response to readings or performances, and produce a final paper or project.

Meeting times will be determined by interns’ schedules. You’ll add the class once you’ve attended an introductory meeting (tbd) and when you’re assigned to a program.

Contact Ingrid Schorr for more information.

Check out all of the semester’s events at http://www.brandeis.edu/ethics/


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