Drinking Liberally

Announcing the newest, hottest, rawest, most swashbuckling club on campus.
Drinking Liberally
That’s right. Drinking Liberally.

Long Story short?
Every Thursday. 11pm. Chums. Chill with other liberals.
Also, sign up here to get announcements for parties, movie screenings, and other events we might put on.

Brandeis is full of progressives. Full of liberals. Full of activists. But we segregate. We divide, and are conquered. There might be amazing people in SPA, PF, or SEA, but I rarely get to meet, chat, chill, mix, hang out, eat, drink or party with them. Why? Because I’m in a whole other set of activist clubs myself. This must not stand.

That’s why right here, right now, I’d like to announce the creation of Drinking Liberally, a very informal way to fix that. We’ll meet every Thursday at 11pm at Chums. I hope we’ll also go to dinners, movie screenings, etc from time to time. To get announcements about our non-routine meetings, sign up for our announcement email list.

Whatever. The point is, we hard-working liberals need a time and place to chill.

I only Drink Liberally


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  1. This is a great approach to creating unity between a variety of progressive campus groups. A+ Sahar.

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