Aramark Contributing to Brandeis Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts

Wow. So apparently the Student Union, Dining Services and the administration collaborated, and did something which benefits all of us. That’s awesome. Who would’ve thunk it?

So tomorrow is the Grand Opening of the Village POD (C-Store), at 7 am! And apparently 10% of sales “up to a cap” (what is the cap? why is a secret?) from everything purchased there tomorrow will go towards Brandeis Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts!

That’s awesome. Yay giving us an incentive to buy more! I like when capitalism works this way, because it helps people and makes you feel empowered as a consumer. We should all go out and buy, buy, buy.

For full text of e-mail from Daniel A. read below.

To the Student Body:

The Grand Opening for the Village POD is tomorrow (March 28)!

The Student Union, Dining Services, and the administration worked together to ensure the completion of this project.

Moreover, Aramark has committed to donate 10% of sales (up to a cap) from the first day to the Brandeis Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts. The POD will open at 7 AM. Make sure to check it out.

Enjoy it!

Daniel Acheampong, Student Union President
Mark Collins, Senior Vice President for Administration
Aaron Bennos, Dining Services






One response to “Aramark Contributing to Brandeis Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts”

  1. Ryan

    Next time the Student Union should employ such tried and true tactics for change as dressing a guy up in a gorilla suit, putting up pictures of Family Guy characters and building up the arrival of a small piece of paper in your mailbox for weeks. God knows we never get small pieces of paper in our mailboxes.