THE FIGHT FOR AN EDUCATION: Thursday, March 31, 6:30 PM

Jewish Voice for Peace presents: The Fight for an Education
When: Thursday, March 31, 6:30 PM
Where: Pearlman Lounge

Mira Dabit and Amer Shurrab, young activists from the West Bank, will share the challenges facing students who live under Israel’s military occupation, and their inspiring struggle to put an end to it by holding companies like TIAA-CREF accountable for investing in Occupation.

The fight for equality and accessibility in education is cen…tral to every struggle for a just and democratic society. That struggle continues today in Israel/Palestine, where Palestinian students and teachers trying to access education face unlawful detention, armed harassment, curfews, checkpoints, closed schools, dorm raids, apartheid wall, apartheid roads, illegal arrest, and bombed schools and universities.

So why is TIAA-CREF – the world’s premiere retirement fund for educators – invested in companies that create these barriers? Why is the retirement fund that claims to be “financial services for the greater good” profiting from the Israeli Occupation? Come meet Mira and Amer to find out!

PS: Only one more day to sign the petition for inclusion in Hillel…we are almost at our goal of 1000 signatures from current Brandeis students! Visit


Author: Liza

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