Best of the Hoot

We’re trying out a new feature here at Innermost Parts where we link to interesting articles in the latest Hoot or Justice soon after they come out. It’s not supposed to be a comprehensive guide, just whatever catches our fancy.

Interesting Hoot Articles, Sep 11th Edition:
Aramark raises prices. One of Jason Gray’s goals last year was to achieve “point/dollar parity”. It’s a shame he couldn’t get that to happen, what with all the craziness last year. Still, the dream will never die.
The Hoot liked the TMI conference.
Rumor has it that a student already left the University due to swine flu.
Lots to unpack in this short article on Andy Hogan’s relationship with the student body. I especially enjoyed the phrase “Hogan announced … that the press would have to instead speak to him through his Ruben.”
The Hoot discovers Twitter, and I tell you to go play outside.

What do you think? Like this idea? Think it should be renamed?


3 thoughts on “Best of the Hoot”

  1. It’s a shame the hoot is so behind the news about swine flu. One would think they would ask the right people, who have publicly been talking about this for some time. It continues to amaze me.

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