Bill Ayers at Brandeis: In the Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has an article today covering Bill Ayers visit to Brandeis, its worth a read!


6 thoughts on “Bill Ayers at Brandeis: In the Boston Globe”

  1. Lev is just popping up everywhere with his Globe quote.

    Or perhaps this one. Uses the Globe article but the gold is in the comments.
    One person even says, “ayers speaking at Brandeis…’pig in Shiite'”
    M. Espinola says, “I doubt that Lev even knows who Katherine Ann Powers is.” Hilarious.

    The inclusion of Doug Moore in this article is hilarious and totally arbitrary.–ayers-brandeis,0,6282331.story

    Hilarious stuff. Nothing beats the comments on the Globe, though.

  2. The contrast between the two articles in almost comical. For instance:

    in the Globe:
    “This is about freedom of educational opportunity,” said Brandeis spokesman Dennis Nealon. “The university has made it clear that it is not going to bar the talk despite the controversial nature of the speaker.”

    in the Herald:
    “Allowing this talk to proceed does not mean that Brandeis as an institution or its administration . . . support or condone this speaker,” spokesman Dennis Nealon said.

  3. Additional note on the comments to the article:

    A couple comments mention that the school should have invited Ann Coulter so we would open ourselves to views we don’t like.

    Brandeis did try to invite Ann Coulter.
    There was an uproar.
    And then the bitch was over $10,000.

    There’s tiny kernels of truth in a comment or two. Hahah.

  4. The article looks great.

    I would also add that the comments below the article are a nice touch 😉

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