Professors of Bluegrass + Big Chimney
Brandeis University
Saturday, Feb. 12, 8 pm
Student tickets only $5!

Academia meets bluegrass in this band fronted by the provost of Yale
University, Peter Salovey (bass and vocals). Sten Havumaki,
guitar/vocals; Matt Smith, professor of philosophy, fiddle; Katie
Scharf, Yale ’99 and Yale Law ’06, fiddle/vocals; Craig Harwood, dean
of Yale’s Davenport College, mandolin; Oscar Hills, professor of
psychiatry, banjo. Big Chimney, from Washington, D.C., plays
“reinvented rock, pop, and really old American tunes through a
bluegrass and old-time filter.”



One thought on “Bluegrass”

  1. During my junior year of high school, I got to take a class at Yale University, and Dean Peter Salovey gave one of the guest lectures. His lecture (on the psychology of love) was one of the funniest and most informative classes I’ve ever had at any level of education. It figures that someone this awesome would play the bass. I’ll be there on Saturday.

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