Brandeis Pluralism Alliance Grant Applications Due This Sunday!

Many people on campus do not know what the Brandeis Pluralism Alliance is. I probably wouldn’t either if I weren’t on the steering committee, which reviews the grant applications and helps the groups who are selected.

That being said, I am, and so I would like to advertise a unique opportunity to you. (I promise I won’t use the word “resource” throughout this post.)

“The Brandeis Pluralism Alliance (BPA) grants funding and assistance to student and faculty initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.” Basically, it exists to help Brandeis stay true to its social justice roots, and to provide the means for people on campus to realize their pluralistic dreams. What does pluralism mean, you ask?

Well I looked it up on Urbandictionary and it said it had not been defined yet. So I tried but got a lot of philosophical definitions, like “a theory that there is more than one basic substance or principle.” Finally I looked up cultural pluralism, and it redirected me to multiculturalism. That makes more sense, since we hear it preached every day by our professors and peers here on campus. Multiculturalism, unity, bringing people from different paths of life together; that’s what pluralism is all about. And the BPA seeks to foster that.

Last year we granted funds for the What If? Speak In, A Night for Pakistan, Worker Appreciation Cafe, Diwali, Wong Fu Productions Fall College Tour Event, Mela, Famni Ki Li Ansamn/Families Reading Together, and the Justice League’s very own Campus Camp Wellstone activist training. For a complete list with descriptions visit the BPA’s hompage.

SO, the important thing to note is that if YOU have an idea for a project for this spring which could promote pluralism on campus, you should apply. Even if it’s just an idea, there’s no harm in trying, and if selected, the Steering Committee appoints a liason to help you put on your event/program. However, the deadline is FEBRUARY 6, this coming Sunday. So, if you’re at all interested, go to the grant application site and play around with it, see what you can come up with and submit.

Good luck!