Hello! Today I received a great e-mail sent out to the Brandeis community regarding the Associate Provost for the Assessment of Student Learning. Professor Dan Perlman has been appointed the position!
Check it out:

I am pleased to announce that Professor Dan L. Perlman will be appointed Associate Provost for the Assessment of Student Learning, effective March 1, 2011. Prof. Perlman is a faculty member in the Biology Department and in the Environmental Studies Program, and he has been a member of the Provost’s Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning since its inception in 2006.

As Associate Provost, Prof. Perlman will be responsible for university assessment efforts by working with academic and non-academic departments on developing assessment plans and coordinating the assessment of learning goals inside and outside the classroom. I am delighted that he will assume this role, on a half-time basis.

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