Munchies from Moody


I’m in the sophomore C3 (common cause community…sappy I know). Basically what that entails is choosing a place to volunteer for February break and spending the rest of the year fundraising so you can get there.

We chose the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, which, despite its name, helps a wide variety of people who have HIV or AIDS, and also does outreach work to educate people about the risks of unsafe sex and this growing epidemic. The group is located in New York, my hometown.

SO, since the trip is just two weeks away, we are having our biggest fundraiser YET tonight, Munchies from Moody. A lot of really generous restaurants on Moody and Main Streets donated food to us (who knew places DID that?) and we will be selling it all to you for $3 a plate. We have food from Tango Mango, Margarita’s, Little India, Tuscan Grill, Waltham Pizza, Cappy’s, Baan Thai, Erawan of Siam, and the Ninety Nine.

So, if you want to eat good food, get a sense of the restaurants in the Waltham area, or even just, oh I don’t know…donate to charity, come on out to the ICC tonight at 6 pm and bring at least $3….come on time or the food might run out before you get a chance.

Note: Vegetarian options available. You know who I’m talking about.






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  1. lara grey

    That’s a great cause, Elly. How long do you stay in Manhattan?