Brandeis is not a Democracy

I’ll be brief – homework calls:

I got an email today from someone who claimed that she lost her faith in Brandeis because Jehuda banned a Palestinian art exhibit in 2006, but regained it after the student-organized Marty Peretz open letter.

This simply baffles me. Brandeis is not a democracy. No student voted for Jehuda. “President-Elect” Frederick Lawrence might’ve been elected by old people rich, powerful, or famous enough to be on the Board of Trustees, but I sure as hell didn’t vote for him or against him.

Brandeis is not a democracy. Student actions shouldn’t increase or decrease your appreciation for the administration, and vice versa. Don’t make the mistake of giving us credit or demerit for what the adults choose to do around here.


6 thoughts on “Brandeis is not a Democracy”

  1. Yo I know exactly how you feel but I never was able to articulate that into words. now i can

    i agree so harrd

    Also this is a word from the recaptcha
    coiguied: thatching a roof from a coigue a chilean evergreen

  2. People lose their faith in the Church when the Pope is caught up in a sex scandal, don’t they?

  3. While I understand your frustration, to what degree must an organization be representational? Do employees get to choose supervisors?

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