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The latest news that matters from The Justice and The Hoot:

  • The University is ditching need-blind admissions. The Hoot’s take. The Justice’s take. My take: Not much to say about this, really, except “this sucks”. I think it’s kind of annoying that we have money to landscape outside of Bernstein-Marcus, but not enough money to give more people a chance to go to college. But I understand. I don’t think anyone likes this decision, but if the University says that it’s necessary we don’t really have much choice but to take them at their word.
  • Professor Chad Bown is off to the Council of Economic Advisors. The timing suggests that he’s filling the vacancy created by Christina Romer’s resignation as chair of the CEA, and Austan Goolsbee’s promotion to her place. No one really expects him to come back after his tenure as CEA, according to the Justice.
  • There’s almost an entirely new administration in place due to resignations or term limits. I was going to blog/remark on this sooner, but Nathan Koskella beat me to the punch. His piece is worth reading – solid work. We were playing a parlor game the other day – what’s the highest ranking administrator still in place from my freshman year? Kim Godsoe? Rick Sawyer? Elaine Wong? This game makes me happy – I like all of those people.
  • Marty Krauss is leaving.
  • NIH gave us money.
  • We gave Seyyed Hossein Nasr $25,000 for outstanding and lasting contributions to racial, ethnic and religious relations.”.
  • Chapels renovated.


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