Do it in the Dark


Congrats to North Quad, Reinfield, Gordon, Rosenthal, The Village, Ziv
130, and Charles River Apartments: 178 E-1, 178 E-10, 110 G-2, 110 F-2,
164 D-8, and 150 E-4 for winning your respective challenges. Look out
for information from your Eco-Rep about your prize/party coming up

Don’t forget to keep windows shut and unplug appliances before you go
away on winter break. More info about energy savings and challenge
results at
Contact: Janna Cohen-Rosenthal

Why isn’t Do It In the Dark year-round?

It’s my impression that the information on energy consumption per quad is not publicly available except during the 2-week window of the competition. If at least the energy consumption stats (or the percent change per month) were publicly available, I bet we’d see some changes on campus.

On a related note, I’ve been working in the Castle Commons for the past few nights. It is COLD! I bet if we insulated the windows here we’d save money (insulating windows is cheap and easy!) and also I’d be warmer. Win / Win!


3 thoughts on “Do it in the Dark”

  1. students should have to pay for energy use. rooms should have a fixed cost less than what it is now, and a variable cost of energy consumption. that way those who use the most energy pay for it. this is the only way to motivate people. im sick of these environmental campaigns because they are useless, i live in the village and it won, but no one I do did anything or even really knew about it.

  2. I bet the Castle lost because we’re the only building on campus with approximately the right number of outlets per room, especially the freezing Commons.

    Has anyone else noticed this–SCC: one outlet by one set of three chairs, one outlet by a single couch, and one outlet for all those comfy chairs on the second floor balcony (not even near the chairs). Einsteins–one, maybe two, in the floor. The first floor SCC library–two sets, I think, in the floor, one of which doesn’t work half the time. And that’s almost the most recently built thing on campus!

  3. One great thing about living in Grad is that every apartment is metered separately for electricity use. If you want to track your energy consumption (or your neighbors), just find the stairwell with your meter and read the digital display. It’s super easy. I’d be happy to distribute my findings to any Brandeis student who’s curious.

    While Grad’s situation only occurred because of some sort of strange history, I think we will see greater energy information available to students. It will take some years, but someday you’ll be able to track your energy use online.

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