Quick procrastination from writing my HIstory of the Progressive Era paper:

IPTV. The election for deciding which 7 channels we get is almost over. The current top 7:

1 71 Comedy Central
2 90 Israeli Network
3 7 WHDH-7 (NBC)
4 42 CNN
5 13 WFXT-25 (Fox)
6 39 Discovery Channel
7 4 WBZ-4 (CBS)

Call me an old fogey if you wish, but I always thought that college was the sort of place where you watch CSPAN2 late at night to titter at British Parliamentary Question Hour. College is the sort of place where you stay up brewing coffee and arguing about Ethical Hedonism, and analyzing the(lack of a) Utilitarian movement in the United States.

Where the hell is PBS on this list?

My picks:
2 Telemundo
6 Israel Channel
7 International Channel

What did you pick? (Vote here)


2 thoughts on “IPTV Poll”

  1. I agree – MSNBC was a huge loss. They have the best prison shows (Lockdown, Lockdown:Raw, other re-edited versions of the original Lockdown) and reruns of “To Catch A Predator.” Worse, MSNBC is still listed in the channel line up on yahoo so i can see what i am missing each time i tune in…

  2. Let’s put MSNBC on IPTV!! I was so angry that it’s off our cable line-up. (When I called LTS, they explained that Comcast took MSNBC and a few other channels off the analog line-up and since we only have an analog cable connection, there’s no way to bring it back.) Having MSNBC on IPTV would be awesome!

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